about1Hello,  my name is David. I’ve been an antique collector and dealer for 30 years and am a certified appraiser through the Ashford Institute of Antiques.

My parents were antique collectors and artists.  Their interests gave me the desire to enjoy and pursue my dreams.  I lived in Europe for four years, which helped me appreciate antiques on a world-wide scale.

I enjoy the history and personal stories behind the pieces I discover.  I have so much fun with what I do and I have a passion for meeting people. My values are honesty and to be a loving and caring person.

I’m also a native of San Diego tied with with local historical family events from the early 1900’s. I love surfing and ballroom dancing.  I’ve dabbled in art and logo design, and wrote a book in 2008 called “Waterman’s Eye”, which was a finalist for Biography of the Year. I recently completed the screenplay as well.