Estate Services

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I work with individuals, families, real estate agents, attorneys, accountants, trust departments, and retirees that want to downsize their homes.  I put your best interests first to maximize your estate sale returns.

I am always your advocate, as an estate sale can often be an emotional event or a major life transition.

Rather than liquidate  your items, I strive for fair market value in turning your assets into cash.   Pricing is very important and with my vast experience and knowledge of current market trends and values, I ensure a successful estate sale.   Call for full consultation and evaluation of your estate.  Once I finalize my assessment, I’ll discuss the value of your estate.

I research and stage items to optimize sales results.  Advertising is done through my extended client database.  In addition, I advertise heavily in local newspapers and the internet.  I also create and distribute flyers; and  provide street signage during the sale .

I will not conduct an estate sale if the value isn’t cost-effective for you.   I can provide alternative solutions  and I’ll work with you to get the maximum value for your items.  I also offer consignment and brokerage options for high-end or unusual items.