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Grandpa's Hunting Knife

Grandpa’s Hunting Knife

Vintage wonderful Othello Hunting Knife with Solingen Rostfrei Germany blade. Has real deer horn carved handles with leather sheath.   Knifes have been by man’s side for 1000’s of years. A source of weapon for fighting protection and a tool. Germany in the past 100 plus years have been a leader in manufacturing the best steel for the blades.




Most men take their past stories to the grave. Emil Ziegler is a rare exception, when at age 90, his past is unearthed by pure fate. A free spirit, surfer and antique dealer named David discovers a few old photos at an estate sale. That discovery changes both men’s lives.  

 David meets Emil and slowly draws out Emil’s life of adventure prior to getting married in 1940. Emil’s mementos are kept in a locked wooden box under his bed.   His wife and children don’t know of his past life until he starts sharing it with David.  

Emil was blind in one eye at age 3.   A true early waterman, Emil always pushed himself to become better. His adventures started young: saving lives as a young lifeguard in the 1920’s, becoming a surfing forerunner, learning expert diving skills in Tahiti, and rowing a small boat from San Diego to Catalina Island. When he harpoons a whale that tows him for over a day, the adventure lands him in a small Mexican village, where he falls in love with a young lady. On their voyage back to San Diego, a horrific pacific storm like no other, changes his course of time.

This book and movie will take you back to his youth in the 1920’s–1930’s and to his present-day life in 2001. It is a journey of love and passion as seen through the eyes of both Emil and David.   Men will recount their own past stories and women will better understand their husbands, fathers, and loved ones.



This is a wonderful vintage 1800’s porcelain tobacco humidor jar made in Germany. It is early Black Americana. Most collectible black memorabilia was produced from the early 1900s through the 1950s, although some collectors seek items dating back to the Civil War era as well. Many of  Black memorabilia is collected for many different reasons and by people of all races and nationalities. Not all collections have a negative connotation nor are they amassed due to bigotry. Many uplifting aspects of African-American culture can be incorporated into a collection.




Hello Boys!!!

 1970’s  Bob is the first gay doll to come out!  Bob stands 13 inches tall and was presented clothed in a flannel shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. He has one ear pierced. Bob’s packaging box is decorated like a closet and included a catalog.  Creator Rosenberg described the doll as resembling a cross between Paul Newman and Robert Redford.  Bob is anatomically correct.  He is mint in original box.   This doll had many people in an uproar.  He is looking for a good home.