Cameo%20pin%20smallA wonderful early 1900 Victorian hand carved cameo pin with 14kt gold setting and small diamond chip.  It is very detailed and quality piece.  History of the cameo:  Cameos are works of miniature sculptured art in shell, stone, glass and other materials. Their original purpose is lost in history, with the original intent of individual pieces known only to the craftsmen who carved them. What is known is that of the countless ancient examples of the sculptor’s and carver’s craft, none offers such a unique window through which to view the cultural past. emperors have commissioned them, kings have acquired them, and at least since the fourth century B.C. collectors have cherished them.   Cameos reveal the manners, customs, philosophies, historic events, and social occasions that have marked our past. The ancient cameos, like fine art and sculpture, were intended as statements. Only in the last few hundred years has the significance eroded as cameos began to depict endless profiles—of vapid females