Have a Coke & a Smile

Have a Coke & a Smile

1950’s German Coca cola tin tray. Coca Cola started distributing tin serving and change trays to soda fountains in 1897. Trays produced from that date until 1968 belong to the first, or classic, period of Coca-Cola trays. Because trays made from 1970 onward were often reissues of older trays or were made from new materials. The earliest trays often had the slogan “Delicious and Refreshing,” slogans changed over time, with phrases like “Drink Coca-Cola,” “Coke Refreshes You Best,” “Here’s a Coke for you,” and “Be Really Refreshed!” Some trays had no slogan at all, only the familiar Coca-Cola logo.


2 thoughts on “1950’s GERMAN COKE COCA COLA TIN TRAY

  1. Hello, I’ve recently purchased a coke change tray like your german one marked trink, could you let me know the value, it is hard to locate, on line and not in my pattrettis coke book . Thanks ,Lee .

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